Meso-Scanner V2

Short Description

The Meso-Scanner V2 is a refinement of Meso-Scanner V1. This improved scanner digitizes objects in 3D with considerably higher lateral and depth resolution than its predecessor. To this end a very fine structured light pattern is projected on the object surface. Due to a patented, mechanical lens-shifting method, depth precision is two to three times higher than without. The refined version uses two fast industrial color cameras to provide a higher robustness against reflections and is therefore particularly suited to scan shiny and reflective surfaces. Acquisition time was reduced to about 5 minutes for this second version. Furthermore, Meso-Scanner V2 offers the possibility to capture surfaces exceeding the measurement volume by using a displaceable cross table.



The Meso-Scanner V2 captures flat objects with up to 5 cm in height and a maximum area of 16 cm x 14 cm.



  • Lens-shifted structured light (linear actuator), higher resolution than Meso-Scanner V1 (10,000 discrete steps)
  • 2 cameras for robustness against difficult materials (shiny, reflective)
  • Resolves fine surface details and even very smooth surface gradients
  • Color calibrated
  • Combination with fully automated digitization pipeline CultLab3D(Fraunhofer IGD) possible


Technical PropertiesType

Geometry and texture (meso = between micro and macro)



2 color cameras 25 MP

1 Full HD projector

Optional: cross table for automatic acquisition of larger measurement areas


Measurement Volume

160 mm x 140 mm x ~50 mm [length x width x height]



32 µm lateral

15 µm depth


Meso Scanner V2
Coin, scanned with Meso-Scanner V2 © 3D model: Fraunhofer IGD

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