Short Description

CultLab3D is an extendable, multi-modular scanning facility using the next generation of autonomous and compliant robots as well as optical scanning technologies. The system consists of two scanning units (CultArc3D, CultArm3D) connected by a tray conveyor system. The entire acquisition process for geometry and texture of an object takes less than ten minutes on average, at a resolution in the sub-millimeter range.



CultLab3D is currently designed for high-precision 3D acquisition of objects with up to 50 kg in weight and up to 60 cm in length, width and height, providing high throughput. In the industrial domain CultLab3D can be used to digitize product portfolios of online retailers.



  • High throughput (10 min / object)
  • Fully automatic 3D acquisition process
  • Photogrammetry
  • Acquisition of an object from all sides (incl. bottom side)
  • Color calibrated
  • Combination with fully automated digitization pipeline CultLab3D(Fraunhofer IGD) possible


Technical Properties Type

Geometry, texture, and optical material properties



2 scan stations: CultArc3D and CultArm3D

Conveyer belt


Measurement Volume

60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm [length x width x height]



Up to 200µm


The world’s unique 3D scanning facility for cultural artefacts, CultLab3D, in the lab at Fraunhofer IGD © Fraunhofer IGD

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