Short Description
CultArm3D-L is an autonomous laser scanner that rapidly
captures the shape of objects in three dimensions – even when
encountering them for the first time. In contrast to traditional
technologies, the scanner decides for itself how to view a
particular item. Based on an initial scan, sophisticated algorithms
determine what further scans are required. This enables
CultArm3D-L to collect information on an unknown object
quickly, with just a few scans – and without human intervention,
prior training or an AD model. This degree of independence is
unique, making the system ideal for deployment in manufacturing
for mass customization. Scanning is in real time, and can be performed at a variety of speeds and resolutions.


The CultArm3D-L captures objects up to 20cm (adjustable)
in 3D and color for industrial reconstruction purposes and
quality assessment.



  • Fast geometry acquisition mode >150Hz for fast scanning
  • Precise geometry acquisition to capture details for quality assessment
  • Reduced scanning time and automated process flow
  • High robustness against shiny materials and interfering ambient light
  • Immediate visual feedback and 3D postprocessing of the model
  • Mobility and quick setup through self-calibration


Technical Properties Type
Coarse and fast 3D geometry
Targeted precise geometry and color imaging


1 mono camera for geometry
1 color camera for color imaging
1 line laser module


Measurement Volume
20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm [length x width x height] (adjustable)


400 µm depth in coarse scanning mode
50 µm depth in precise scanning mode
30 µm lateral resolution


Autonomous CultArm3D-Laser Scanner © 3D model: Fraunhofer IGD
Armrest, scanned with CultArm3D-Laser Scanner © 3D model: Fraunhofer IGD

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